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How to remain present in a chaotic world?

How to remain present in a chaotic world? And what happens during Covid-19, a time where many of us are struggling to live in the present state, a state of lockdown?

How does one remain present, especially when so many of us are experiencing trauma, loss and grief and needing to disconnect from it all?

And what happens when hope is lost? When we can’t see the horizon or the light at the end of the tunnel is getting smaller and smaller?

Try focusing on the elements that we can control. Instead of pre-empting and wondering what our life will look like in 3, 6 or 12 months, try to bring the energy back to today. Focusing too much on the past, on the what have's, can cause depression. On the contrary, focusing too much on what the future may look like can cause anxiety. As such, control the elements that you can today. Try to compartmentalise the aspects of your life that you can control and focus solely on these.

Side note: It’s not to say that life isn’t fair, nor that there aren’t injustices, nor sadness, but instead of focusing on these aspects of the external world, just for today... try focusing solely on YOUR INTERNAL WORLD and ensuring she is strong and steadfast.

Here are a 7 steps to guide you with this practice.

- Focus on the parts of your life that you can control, that is, your thoughts, your perceptions, your behaviours and your emotions. If you find that there tend to be more negative, than positive, see how you can implement ways to find more positives in these.

- Try to find gratitude in the small things, no matter how small. It could include simply waking up, having a bed to sleep in, a roof over you, food on the table. Expressing gratitude helps to adjust your energetic vibration and mindset and overtime, this can help to shift your perception of the world.

- Honour your emotions, whether it’s sadness, fatigue, anger. Sit with them and let them out within a safe space... but not at someone please! Journaling is a wonderful way to express your emotions as is screaming in the shower or your car. Whatever it is that you need, give yourself permission to do that.

- Shift the stagnant energy including stagnant emotions that's built up over time. We are literally a big ball of energy and sometimes, old energy needs to be shifted out. Do this by walking, deep belly breathing, dancing, running, and through self massage. Whatever it is, move the old energy out.

- Instead of allowing the masses of thoughts to continue circulating in your head, draw the energy from your head to your heart. Sit, close your eyes and draw 5-10 deep breathes, in through the nose and out of your mouth. Expel the air and any stagnant energy out of body with a big exhale/sigh. Then place your hands on your heart 🖤and connect with what she is feeling. Yes, you men can do this too... you aren’t immune to feelings. Tapping into your heart space and the underlying emotions residing in there is a big step to transmuting them.

- Switch off your exposure to the news and media channel, plus social media. Give yourself some relief and head space from it all. Too much information can heighten our stress levels which leads to further anxiety.

- Honour what your body needs today. If that is a couch day, do it. If it’s human connection, call up someone for a walk or to chat. If it is lying in bed, do it. If your kids are at home, tell them to do the same. It won’t kill them.

Take this time to draw back all energy into the present and focus solely on your internal world. Restore her. Bring her into balance. Focus on replenishing your cup, because if your cup is empty, then how can you be of service to anyone else, especially you?

Copyright Amie Richards || Inner Work Outer Living 2022


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