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Return home to your body & reclaim your life!


You are not broken.
you are not incomplete.

the symptoms you are displaying are simply your body's way of communicating to you that there is an imbalance.

Let's give you the gift of connecting back with your
body and providing you
with the tools to do so.  


reclaim your life


This program is custom designed for you, the individual.
As no two individuals are alike, this beautifully designed bespoke package is designed with just you in mind.

​This 6 month program is a beautifully curated program that will assist you to break through the stronghold of any type of pain, and which combines both integrative health and energy healing and coaching. Throughout this program we will work to identify where the pain originated from, identify the mental narrative attached to it to reframe this. We will then create behavioural change through diet and nutrition and lifestyle factors to reduce the stress and toxic load on yourself and your body, whilst working to break through any self-limiting beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back in achieving your health and wellness goals. Finally, to ensure long term gains, we will provide you with the tools and skills to implement and apply this in your everyday life.

Program Features include:

Platinum Package: 

  • 12 x 60 min 1:1 personalised coaching sessions

  • Lifetime access to the pre-recorded online training portal with 8 modules provided over a 6 month period

  • Personalised tailored recommendations provided throughout the 6 month duration

  • Unlimited voxer access

Gold Package:

  • 6 x 60 min 1:1 personalised coaching sessions

  • Lifetime access to the pre-recorded online training portal with 8 modules provided over a 6 month period

  • Unlimited voxer access

Silver Package:

  • 1 x 60 min 1:1 personalised coaching session.

  • Lifetime access to the pre-recorded online training portal with 8 modules provided over a 6 month period

The combination of both the 1:1 coaching and the 6 month self paced learning portal will allow you to maintain maximum outcomes and ensure that you go on to live a life full of freedom and abundance.

The program will assist you to:

  • Breakthrough the stereotypes, the false templates, narratives and codes that have been imposed on you. These are what cause you to remain stuck and not able to break through the mental, emotional and physical strongholds of your health conditions and pain. 

  • Identify and recognise your body’s pain signals and learn what they are saying to you.

  • Guide you with strategies on how you can shift your pain (as opposed to fearing it) and learn how to shift and transmute the pain in an empowered way. 

  • Release deep trauma that is impacting your physical, mental and emotional body, in a safe and secure environment, whilst deeply restoring and upholding you. 

  • Provide you with the tools to trust yourself as you deeply connect back with yourself and your body.

  • Bring back the joy, freedom and abundance that you’ve been craving for years. 


Your body has been crying out for years to be heard and this program will provide you with all the tools to reconnect you back to you and be empowered in your healing to ensure you can reclaim your life, call in your soul passion and fulfil your heart’s desire. 

It’s your time to time to shine and experience the full spectrum of experiences life has to offer. It’s time for love, fun, vibrancy, and connection within yourself.

This is your birthright
but it all starts with you.



Amie is an amazing human being who has transcended so much in her life.  


Her ability to guide people through their healing journey comes from her experience in facilitating her own. This is what really gives her an edge when it comes to serving others… 


Her journey has been her greatest teacher… and this is where the real wisdom is obtained… Because of everything she has been through, she has an awe-inspiring level of empathy that no one else could have unless they had been through the same thing. 


This is what sets her apart. Amie is courageous, compassionate, determined and is here with a BIG mission to serve other souls here on this planet.


I am so grateful for your bravery & perseverance Amie…because now the whole world gets to benefit from your profoundly amazing gifts.​

~ Sarah



Once we come back to self,

once we reconnect and then

attend and attune to what our body requires

that’s when shifts occur


That’s when the density and the pain start to shift,

that’s when we break through strongholds

when we start to create change

when we become more empowered

and that is when we start to live in alignment with what your body and soul require of you


All whilst mastering the art of attracting what is in your highest purpose and that which is abundant and free.


When this occurs our life overflows, regardless of the hardships that we may face with our health and from within our life.  

Let’s call that highest version of you.

It is time. 

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