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Plant Shadow

Amie provides a fully integrated approach.

During your first session, we look at the factors impacting your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing which contribute to the cause of your pain. 

Many practitioners and coaches focus solely on symptomatology in an attempt to reduce the pain. Whilst this is crucial, we'll take this one step further and implement a multi-pronged approach where to address the cause of your pain.


To be able to do so, we'll assess factors such as lifestyle factors, environmental factors, stress, limiting beliefs, trauma, diet and nutrition, chemical exposure that could be impacting your health. 

  • Identify where the pain originated from.

  • Identify the mental narrative attached to it to reframe this.

  • Create behavioural change through diet and nutrition and lifestyle factors.

  • Create further change but reducing the stress and toxic load on ourselves and our bodies

  • Integrate energy work to break through any self-limiting beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back in achieving your health and wellness goals.

  • Ensure long term gains by giving you the tools and skills to implement and apply this in your everyday life. 

this work is for you

  • If you no longer want to be defined by your mental, physical and emotional conditions and symptoms.

  • You no longer want to experience fatigue, brain fog, physical, mental, or emotional pain, inflammation, gut and digestive issues, sluggishness or a lacklustre life.

  • No longer want to be overshadowed by the stresses of life.

  • Want to reclaim your power and be empowered within your health.


  • Want to reconnect with your true self.


  • Want to rediscover joy and fun within your life.

  • Want to reclaim your life!


you are an amazing PERSON.

  • You are ready to take control of your life.

  • You no longer want to be overshadowed by your physical, mental or emotional pain.

  • You want to love yourself on a deeper level.

  • Willing to invest back in yourself.

  • Mandate nothing but the best for you.

  • Willing to do the work.

  • Want a deeper connection with yourself.

  • Desire to feel more energy, greater joy, less fatigue, less overwhelm and less burnout.

  • You want to feel empowered and free from the limitations of life, health conditions, and disease.

  • Spiritually attuned.


I’ve never met anyone like Amie.


She has literally given me the courage to trust my body and not to fear it but to work with it, and the confidence to reconnect with my body and change my belief system in how I work with it has been the most powerful. 


She is a beautiful blend of authenticity, intelligence, beauty, and integrity that the world needs more of...if we could teach more people what you have taught me I can only imagine how unstoppable we will all be.  

~ Cassidy



Thanks so much Amie, I am finding the sessions and recommendations really helpful. 

I have always been a bit hesitant to do anything like this because I think if I got the wrong person I would back off.  Your approach is perfect for me - not fluffy!


Everything you say makes sense.

~ CL



Energy and Trauma Healing

As an Energy Facilitator, I will help you connect into your energy to not only look at the cause of either your physical and/or emotional pain, but to gently shift this as well as identifying the false narratives, distortions and limitations that underpin this and have kept you trapped. 
Together we'll shift the imprint of the pain and trauma, to release this from your energetic body. This will enable you to breakthrough the stronghold and reconnect back to yourself, in order to love and accept yourself fully. In turn, you’ll be able to see new perspectives and truths have the ability to change narratives and reclaim your power and purpose. 
  • Inner Child Healing

  • Identifying self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

  • Reframing mindset & changing neural pathways to create behavioural change.

  • Strategies to increase self-healing, self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love.

  • Access to your divine infinite wisdom that has been trapped within.

  • Greater clarity

  • Greater fulfilment in all areas of your life

  • Greater self-love and self-compassion

  • Greater peace within yourself

  • Greater purpose and joy within your life

  • Deeper connection with yourself and others

  • Ability to attract abundance

I know the storms that you have weathered.
I know the adversities that you have faced.
I know that you’re tired and weary.
You dream of so much more but life circumstances
and trauma has worn you down and has
limited your ability to see your real potential.

I know you desire so much more, but you’re stuck. 


For so many of us, trauma, our life experiences, volatile and abusive relationships, loss, grief and hardships have caused us to close off and harden ourselves and our hearts to the world, as a protective mechanism. I know you want so much more but you can’t seem to make this shift. 

Energy and Trauma Healing
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Today is the day to create change for you,
to no longer be held back by the limitations
of your pain & your health conditions or life.

It’s your time to shine.

Integrative Health & Energy Coaching


Health conditions can stem from a number of reasons, including nutritional deficiencies, increased and continual stress, lifestyle choices, diet, emotional and physical trauma.


Whilst many practitioners focus solely on eliminating the pain, what is required is to address the ongoing cause of the pain, to assess our overall mental, physical and emotional health and to provide a holistic approach to managing and healing our pain and reducing any further symptoms. 


Pain and health conditions can often cause us to disconnect from ourselves as a coping mechanism. Over time, these aspects of ourselves are often so desperate to be accepted. 

These sessions are designed to assist women with health conditions, including chronic pain and autoimmune disorders, to find greater empowerment and fulfillment in life. 

You will be guided to integrate and accept all aspects of yourself and address any limiting beliefs and fears that have attached themselves because of the pain.


Then, you'll learn to understand how your body communicates to you through pain and interpret what your body is asking you.


I'll also provide strategies to support you to not only manage but thrive, regardless of your health conditions and pain.

  • Integrate and accept all aspects of yourself including your health conditions. 

  • Understand the cause of your symptoms and pain.

  • Create change through working to eliminate the imprint of trauma and healing the subconscious through narrative and behavioural change. 

  • Guide you to reclaim your power 

  • Support you to heal with practical personal and lifestyle strategies that will reduce your toxic load.

  • Enable you to create the life that you desire and love, without scarcity and limitations due to health.

Integrative Health & Energy
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